Tapping into Technology

What is Tapping into Technology?


Tapping into Technology is a 4 hour seminar that can be offered at your church, organization, or business that will give you and your stakeholders clarity about the benefits of using social media and your website to reach your audience more effectively by using proven industry techniques.


What will I learn?


During this 4-hour seminar, you will learn:

  • Why using social media and having a interactive website is not optional.
  • Which social media platforms are most useful for reaching your target audience.
  • How to use social media and your website safely and securely.
  • How to set up your social media and website with the correct owner credentials and security settings.
  • The best tips for using social media and your website to reach the millennial generation.
  • How to manage your social media platforms and your website with no hassle.
  • How to create content for your social media and website for maximum impact.


How much does it cost?


In an effort to keep our prices competitive, yet affordable for churches, organizations, and businesses we have a set rate of $500 (within 120 miles/2 hours of EBS), $800 (More than 120 miles/2 hours from EBS). A non-refundable deposit of $150.00 is required to secure your date.


Ready to schedule your seminar?


We’d be happy to schedule your seminar for you, simply contact:

eManuel Business Solutions by phone or email.


Domecia Manuel, Owner /Web Designer





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